101 Century 21 Drive, Suite 114, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States


101 Century 21 Drive, Suite 114, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States


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Call Us: (561) 722-7710


About me

About Me

What makes me qualified

Lady Justice Statue

I started law school in 2011.  In my first year of law school I was immediately interested in personal injury law.  I started an internship in my first year at a local personal injury law firm and continued with them until I graduated. 

Markwood Law Firm - Mr. Jeffrey

After getting my bar license in 2014, I started working for a big personal injury law firm where I gained significant knowledge of personal injury law.  I started doing litigation work in 2016 and have continued to enjoy working on behalf of my clients in the litigation process ever since.

Markwood Law Firm - Mr. Jeffrey

One of the unique qualities that I possess is thinking outside of the box, which continually translates into my clients getting the maximum settlement possible.  In a recent case, numerous lawyers turned down a client who was a minor that fell at a gymnastics studio.  In this case, the insurance policy that covered injured parties on the property had an exclusion stating that since my client was engaged in gymnastics class that she could not qualify for any benefits.  What we ended up doing was filing a lawsuit against the gym owners and getting an arbitration award for over $600,000.00.  We then made an agreement with the gym owners that we would pursue their insurance company in lieu of them signing over their rights to a claim for negligence against their insurer for selling them what turns out to be a useless policy.  That is one example of how we will look at every case with the diligence to make sure we cover every avenue of recovery for our clients.

Markwood Law Firm - Mr. Jeffrey

My History

2024 –

I continue to Grow my Law Firm

Take a look at our case studies to see the great success we have had in helping many clients.

2018 –

I opened the Markwood Law Firm

I decided that I wanted to change the way I approached personal injury law, and more importantly, how I dealt with my clients.  I wanted my clients to have a more personable experience which was impossible to do at the prior firm I worked at.

2016 – 

I started doing litigation work 

I thoroughly enjoyed this work and loved helping clients. 

2014 – 

Graduated law school and passed the Florida bar exam

I received book awards (best grade in my personal injury classes) throughout my law school career.

2011 – 

Attended Florida Coastal School of Law

I relocated to Jacksonville, Florida to pursue my education

2010 – 

Completed Bachelor’s Degree

I went to Florida Atlantic University in South Florida.

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My Team

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Johnson Makman


Amanda Mason


David Joe

Sr. Consultant

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